We are not a company builder, that is strictly the founders’ domain. But we can support the founders in building a solid company – not only for 3-6 months, but as long as the founders require.

In particular, we can offer support in:

Company Building & Strategy Development

You do not need a 50 page business plan. What you need is a plan showing your next steps that you can adapt easily and quickly.

This is where newer concepts come in place like Lean Startup, Minimum Viable Product and Business Model Canvas. Ideas should be tested quickly and at low cost. “Fail fast, learn fast and innovate”, is the dogma for new projects.

Only when you have identified your market and customers, should you start spending significantly for product development and marketing. Once you have found your product/market-fit, investors get interested. Until then better bootstrap.

At Business Buddies, we support you through this method. We show you the respective tools, define the process, act as a sparring partner and contribute our own experiences and lessons learnt from other companies.


The team is the heart of any Start-up and is the most critical success factor. At Business Buddies, we coach you on:

  • How to build up your team
  • How to deal with differences and handle team conflict
  • Defining team structures
  • Defining roles and responsibilities to fulfill the business objectives


So far, no one ripped a product out of your hands because it was so good. Any product has to be actively sold these days. We have solid experts with proven track records in our network in the following areas:

  • Online-Marketing
  • CRM and subscription based business models
  • B2B software sales

These experts are happy to help develop the marketing and sales strategy and to implement it.