We work with teams and concepts that we find exciting and show promise. Additionally a close personal fit is very critical. When we find such a team, we are willing to take a bet on them. Then you can count on us to be there for you, always!

Our terms are flexible and depend on your needs.

Permanent Engagement

If you wish to engage us as a permanent coach, we normally charge a monthly retainer – in cash and shares.


If it comes to fundraising there are normally two components:

  • A modest retainer covering our running costs and assures us that you have some “skin in the game”.
  • A performance based fee of 3-5% of the capital we have raised payable in cash or shares. The percentage depends on the total amount of capital you are looking for. As we only work with companies we really believe in, we are happy to get some shares instead of cash.

Specific Consultancy

In the case of specific services, we can look at a time and materials arrangement eg. a fair hourly or daily rate.