As Startup Supporter, we address outstanding founders of technology based startup companies with high growth potential. We acknowledge our support role as helping towards:

  1. building of the company
  2. developing the strategy
  3. fundraising

We focus primarily on founders in the cleantech sectors, such as mobility, proptech, energy, smart city, circular economy etc. These are the sectors in which we see the greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities. Ultimately, it is about how we use digitization to improve resource efficiency; we call this “digital cleantech”.


The set-up of a company is only a means to an end, never an end in itself. In an ideal case, founding a company starts with an idea how to do something in a better way – it is about the “reason why”. Thus, the focus lies on the product, and it is the founder who must be the product expert.

However, to set up a company and to make it successful, it is not just about being a product expert. This is where we enter into the picture.

How do we work?

We can help you build your company on solid ground right from the start. We can support you and teach you the craft of company building. But it’s your company…and you are the ultimate decision maker.

The situation is quite similar to professional sports. Every athlete always has a personal coach to push him to explore his full potential. In contrast, founders have to bear the pain on their own. Rarely do they have a long-term partner to bounce their ideas off and coach them through this challenging process.

At Business Buddies, we aim to change that. We act as a supporter, networker, “ass-kicker” and sparring partner – but we promise to stay in our coaching zone.

As a partner, we will be demanding, supportive, motivating and provide constructive criticism. We will help to cope with setbacks and fears. Frequently, we will also challenge you and play the devil’s advocate. We will encourage you to make mistakes and learn from them, recover and continue. As Marc Andreessen once said:

“Along the way all kinds of shit hit the fan over and over again.”

We will push you, encourage you and support you through the challenging times. Because one thing is damn sure: To build a company is like riding a rollercoaster, mentally and financially. One day, you feel like a hero, the next day like a loser, and that can continue for years.

However, there is no guarantee of success. In fact, the likelihood to fail is much higher. But that does not matter as life continues even after you have failed. And as you are already down on the ground, sooner or later you’ll bounce back.

Who we are?

At Business Buddies, we are a small, selected and experienced team. We combine many years of experience in building up companies, investments, IPOs, trade sales, turnarounds and other relevant disciplines. Through our successes and failures, we hope to have become a little wiser.

<span style="font-family: Helvetica;">Dr. Marc Mogalle

Dr. Marc Mogalle

Marc has studied economics in Hannover and St. Gallen. Afterwards he completed a doctorate about Sustainable Development at the University of Oldenbourg and the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich and graduated with magna cum laude.

Just in time with the burst of the Internet Bubble, Marc started his career at innotech, a smaller VC where he learned the VC business from scratch, in particular all the things that can go wrong.

In 2004, he moved on to Finlab AG (before Altira Group) where he was involved in a number of investments, IPOs, mergers, trade sales and even fund investments, e.g. investments in RTT AG (acquired by Dassault Systèms) and (acquired by KPN) and fund-commitments in Creathor Ventures and Neuhaus Partners.

In 2007, Marc took the chance to participate in the set up of the AIG Sustainable Investment Group managing finally a €400m fund with focus on later stage cleantech investments

Following the bail-out of AIG during the financial crisis, Marc switched sides and co-founded Zapitano, a social TV platform. He was responsible for the financing of Zapitano, legal, operations and HR.

Besides that, Marc acted as Venture Partner for Finlab AG and Heliad Equity Partners and was guest lecturer for Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the University of St. Gallen and TU Berlin.

Currently he is Coach at the Climate KIC Accelerator, Member of the Supervisory Board SleepZ AG (listed in the Prime Standard, German Stock Exchange), and runs also the Berlin Alumni chapter of the University of St. Gallen.

Arthur Schopenhauer

“A man must know what he wants and what he can do: For then he will show character and be able to create something of value.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Friedrich Nietzsche

“Each has an inborn talent, but only in a few is that degree of toughness, endurance, and energy born and trained that he really becomes a talent, becomes what he is, that is, that he discharges it in works and actions.”

Friedrich Nietzsche